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Alexandrians always have the passion to develop in Alexandria and see it stand unique, full of landmarks that reflect a great image for the whole of Egypt. And after monitoring the changes happening in the Egyptian market while the currencies free exchange effect is attracting and encouraging most of the foreign investors to come and develop here. We decided to start KeyWest project with a great hope to finalize it as a unique landmark especially coincides with the direction of expansion towards the unpopulated area which is the main part of the country's economic plan reinforcing the growth factors, the valuable investments, the people luxurious life, and the population smart distribution.


Location in Alexandria

In the heart of Alexandria

the Mediterranean bride and the second capital of Egypt Which could be considered as the best city for living in the country. because of its optimum conditions through different dimensions like weather, tourism, business & investments, luxurious living options, and facilities, A new luxury dimension and unique opportunity for Egyptians and foreigners are in the development phase now, to ensure healthy lifestyles complex for community happiness through integrated services and activities.
All these features in Alexandria downtown, minutes from everywhere in Alexandria, centered between the elite communities where integration exists,

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  • Shopping Malls
  • Schools, Hospitals
  • Family Outing Varieties

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